Translation service




Senior Translation & Consultation Co., Ltd covers all aspects of language services and operates an extremely efficient network of over 600 highly qualified experienced translators and interpreters both at home and abroad, who together speak most of the languages of the world.




Quality Control and Assurance are a major issue with us. In order to guarantee that your texts are accurately and appropriately translated, we have carefully selected a team of expert translators and interpreters on the basis of their professional skills, technical expertise and reliability, so that at this point everyone in our team speaks only one "language" - that of quality, proficiency, responsibility and reliability.




All our translators and interpreters are professional linguists, most of whom are members of the institute of translations and interpreting and institute of linguistics. All of them have proven experience in translations or interpreting of technical and general subjects. The translators work only into their mother tongue.


Our policy is that after having received a translation order from you, as our client, the text is assigned to a specific translator, selected by his/her proficiency in the main subject of the said text. Once you acknowledge that you are satisfied with the translation you have received from our Company, we will than assign the same translator to your Company each time you use our services in future.




To assure the top-quality of our translations and to produce the most accurate text in terms of specific client terminology and linguistic style, after the translation itself is completed, if requested and required by the client, the work is first passed on to a second linguist for proof-reading with regards to style and linguistic accuracy. After that the same translation goes to a technical revisor, usually a professional in the specific area of knowledge of the text, to ensure the accuracy of the technical terms involved.




We provide a full project management service for large, complex and multilingual translation projects. Our efficient management ensures that the best translator is selected for the assignment matching qualifications, expertise and experience to the nature of the document. This gaurantees that our translator fully understands the subject matter, has knowledge of industry specific vocabulary and is aware of new developements in that field.



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