All Types Of Translations

  • advertising

  • literature

  • newsletters

  • press releases

  • manuals

  • medical

  • technology

  • software

  • games

  • CD-Roms

  • databases

  • technical 

  • commercials

  • interpretation

  • research

  • accountancy

  • product descriptions

  • brochures

  • proofing/editing

  • articles

  • subtitles

  • dubbing

  • television

  • video transcriptions

  • general translations

  • diplomas

  • tourism

  • environmental

  • travel guides

  • fashion

  • product labels

  • ingredients

  • web sites

  • business

  • legal

  • scientific

  • resumes

  • certificates


  • All the translations are performed by native language speakers only.

  • Most of our translators are members of the institute of translations & interpreting and institute of linguistics. All of them have proven experience in translations of technical and general subjects.

  • The modern communication technology enables us to transfer the files instantly anywhere in the world, therefore broadening the network of professional translators we use, including the translators in the target language countries.

  • Quality translations at competitive prices.


  • We strongly recommend that all the translations designed publications, are proof-read by a second professional translator and by an independent specialist in the relevant field or subject.

  • We also offer an independent proof-reading or spell-checking service for already translated documents.

  • Validation service is also available, when the translated document is send to the country of its final destination to make sure the terminology and language used is fully suited to the local market.



  • Using the latest available software script and font applications we can arrange typesetting in most world languages, including cyrillic, greek, turkish and all the east european languages.



Website localization includes domains not exactly to the Internet. It would involve software application companies, hardware and networking product manufactures and telecommunications companies. The application software, its documentation, marketing and web-based information in different languages need to be translated for simultaneous worldwide release.



      We can guarantee a perfect mutual understanding between you and your business contacts anywhere in the world. Simultaneous, consecutive and ad hoc interpreting in any field or subject. All our interpreters are professional and fully experienced. They are based all around the world, which enables us to provide interpreters wherever your international event might take place. We cover all three main forms of interpreting: ad Hoc- for business meetings, negotiations, factory or site visits, trade fairs, court appearances and social gatherings; consecutive-for formal presentations or speeches; simultaneous-for conferences, particularly where several languages are in use.

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